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This website is a benefit to

 the members of the pcda

and the patients and

 community that they

proudly serve.


  The Pinellas County

Dental Association

(PCDA)  is a

professional association

 for dentists. 


it is a component of the

 West Coast District Dental

Association  (WCDDA),  the

Florida Dental Association  (FDA)

 and the American Dental

Association (ADA). 


A PCDA dentist is connected, and keeps current with the latest information affecting dentistry to provide the best possible patient care.  the pcda, through affiliation with the above organizations, is an effective advocate for patients and the profession.

the PCDA has over 160 member dentists

 practicing in pinellas county


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Are you a dentist practicing    alone in pinellas county?

Our members receive quality continuing education and business support.  join our dental association for the benefit of your practice and your patients' care

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thank you to our county commissioners who strongly supported returning fluoride back to our water supply to protect those in our community - especially our children and elderly residents.




we all agree with scientific studies that still show fluoride's benefits, as the cdc recognizes fluoridation as one of the top 10 great public health achievements in the u.s.





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Looking For A Connected Dentist?


A  "connected" dentist is one who    belongs to organized dentistry,         with a committment to their    community to provide dental care     with integrity and excellence


Our pcda dentists give back to the community they serve, with volunteer services including give kids a smile and mission of mercy, providing free   dental care to the underserved

In our community, only patients of pcda connected dentists are eligible for local peer review mediation at     no charge if ever needed

PCDA connected dentists support   and educate our commissioners       and legislators so that vital     community needs such as     fluoridation was returned for the protection of our children and elderly.

A PCDA dentist is connected to professional organizations that support the health of their patients, through education, research, ethical conduct and other resources only available to member dentists


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If you seek the help of a reduced fee dental care facility, please click below:


pinellas county resource guide for oral health


 or visit dental care facilities  

for available resources







have you thought  about a

career as a dental assistant?


call (727) 893-2500, x 1073


or visit http://www.myptec.org/

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