Volunteer Opportunities


Dear Colleagues:

I hope you and your families are well and resuming your practices given the “new normal” as we recover from the COVID-19 slow down.  The last several months have certainly been somewhat stressful and somewhat restful as we have endured significant financial concerns, practice limitations, and variations in protocols for infection control and patient management.  I am confident that the future will allow us to better care for our patients and safeguard our staff members even though we would have appreciated a bit less abruptness. 

The St. Pete Free Clinic has resumed its patient treatment and many of these patients have been unable to obtain care for oral infections and pain relief.  There is an urgent need for our dental association to step up.  Our commitment to our community will hopefully be shared and displayed by ALL of us.  I would like to request that upon receiving this letter, that you give Claudia Rosas a call at the Free Clinic in order to offer help with treating patients. Attached is a link to the google sheet where you can sign up to volunteer. Please follow the instructions that will be on the google sheet.  The brand new clinic facility has begun its operation and I have already had the opportunity to be there and begin the post COVID – 19 functions.  They have made important changes in protocols to become compliant with the CDC/OSHA/ADA guidelines.  I would welcome a call should you have any questions regarding PPE supplies and patient care.  Claudia can be reached at the following number 727-485-8795 ext. 328 or you may e-mail her at [email protected]

I want to thank each of you for being willing to participate in sharing in the care of our St. Petersburg community that cannot afford dental treatment.  As our emergency room physicians have borne the brunt of the pandemic, our opportunity to provide help to patients with dental emergencies is here and our involvement will allow a reduction in emergency room visits due to dental concerns.  Please ask your office coordinator to call Claudia upon receiving this letter to confirm a date to help.  If we all participate and commit one day volunteering at the clinic our work will be light and the community will be served well.  Thanks in advance for being part of this great effort. 


John H. Thee, DMD