Membership Benefits

Membership in the Pinellas County Dental Association, the FDA and the ADA links you to a powerful partnership of people and programs to help your protect your career investment so our can focus on your patients’ oral health

The PCDA stands with its members as a partner and advocate. We are excited to continue providing the following values:

Hosting quality continuing education. The association hosts annual meetings that provide high quality continuing education to members and their staff. The continuing education provided satisfies the requirements for the Florida Board of Health

Providing accurate and timely information. The new member-focused website will allow for up-to-date resources for PCDA events, oral health and regulatory information and a directory of the community of dentistry in Pinellas County. PCDA publications also inform members.

Minimizing the cost of doing business. The PCDA reduces your expenses by reducing legal fees through the WCDA peer review program, which provides self-regulation and mediation between patients and dental practices.

Organizing the professional community to build personal and professional relationships. Local meetings offer a time to share practice tips, get encouragement, ask a second opinion, and enjoy fellowship.

For a more in-depth list of benefits – read The Importance of Membership and Why You Should be a Member!